With the advent of war in 1939 the Club went into recess as many of the players joined the armed forces, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Extract from the Annual Report. (1946, March 8). Williamstown Chronicle

“The following is the report submitted by the secretary (Mr. Vic. Roberts): After the club being in recess since 1942, a meeting was convened by Messrs A. J. Fowler; H. Jones, Cr. A. J. Deacon, Lindsay Caithness and Vic G. Roberts for the purpose of re-forming the Williamstown Lacrosse Club. Numerically the club was not as strong as in former years owing to the large number of members in the fighting services and other duties pertaining to the war, and was only in the position to field two teams, namely, No. 1 open age and No. 2 open age. However, the high standard of play ‘Which is always predominant in this club was seen, in as much as both teams’ reached the final games, in both sections. We congratulate J. Ogilvie, who was captain of No. 1 team, and who ably led the side under adverse conditions. The team was as follows: J. Ogilvie (capt.), Arthur Pearson (Vice-capt.), Bill Coggins, D. McNeilage, W. Hiddle, T. Speakman, Laurie Parker, Keith Parker, Ern Roberts, J. Roberts and Keith Burgoyne. The No. 2 team, which also reached the finals under the same adverse conditions, was well led by Mal Taylor. To him we also congratulate for ably skippering this team. The team was as follows: Mal Taylor (Capt.); G. Simpson (vice-capt.), B. Hancock, Vic Roberts, Berrie Newgreen, D. Newgreen, G. Brown, R. Griffiths, R.Jenkins, L. Jenkins and K. Preston.

We were also very pleased to welcome back players such as Lionel Burgoyne (R.A.N.), C. Martin (M.N.), L. Donaldson (A.I.), Jim Shields (R.A.A.F.), who all played several games whilst on leave from their respective duties. Included in No. 2 team was a former Nedlands, Western Australia player in the name of B. Hancock, who was attached to the R.A.A.F., Laverton, and whose services were greatly appreciated. The get-together night was one of the most enjoyable nights of the year. A pleasant night was enjoyed by all. During the course of the evening Mr. A. Paxton and Mr. H. Jones spoke of the high standard of the club in the past years. Mr. A. Paxton offered his services as coach for season 1945. Interstate Trials.-We congratulate D. McNeilage, T. Speakman, J. Roberts, A. ‘Pearson and J. Ogilvie on their selection. Trainer.-To Mr. George Dever (Snr) for the manner in which he performed his duties on the field and in the club-rooms, we extend our thanks.

President.-Mr. E. H. Hick, son of the second president of the club, and also a life-member, was unanimously elected president, but it is with deep regret that we have to announce that after a lengthy illness Mr. Hick passed away on the 16th January. To the members of his family we extend our sincere sympathy; and wish to place on record the interests displayed in the club during, its existence by him.

Delegates.-The interests of the club were attended to by V. Roberts at the VL.A. To the Williamstown City Council we are indeed grateful for the ground and conveniences put at our disposal, and for the preparations of the Fearon Reserve after being evacuated by the Army. To the local press for the help in publishing the activities of the club; to Mr. L. G. Caithness (hon. auditor) and to all our supporters who rallied the teams, once again we say “Thanks.” Our thanks are also extended to the following donors: Messrs F. R. Tyler, E. H. Hick and Laurie Parker. To the Women’s Lacrosse Association and the donors of lacrosse equipment we also extend our thanks.

War Service.-It is with great pride that the club looks to those members who have helped to bring victory to their country by their enlistments in the various fighting services. The number of enlistments known extends to 96, the names of which your committee has kept a record for all times. The following members were killed on active service: J. Flett (A.I.F.), F. Deacon (R.A.N.), J. Manderson (R.A.A.P.), F. Wadds (R.A.N.), H. Turner (R.AA.F.), K. Barty (R.AA.F.), and to their relatives we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Dr., R. Maynard, an old member of the club, was a prisoner-of-war in Japan for a number of years, and we now welcome him back again. Thus 96 members of the club enlisted for active duty, with 6 paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Bereavement.-The club suffered a very severe blow in the passing of the late Captain J. H. Fearon, who was president of the club for the record number of 43 years. Members also extend their sympathy to Mr G. Dever and family in their great loss.

Treasurer’s Report. The balance-sheet, submitted by Mr. Keith W. Parker, and audited by Mr. L. G. Caithness, shows assets £382/6/9 and liabilities nil. An amount of £200/3/6 is at credit at the E.S. & A. Bank, £39/8/10 in the reserve fund at savings bank, and £12/12/8 to the credit of the social committee. Commonwealth bonds are set down at £70, and there is £60 with the Victorian Lacrosse Association for stick purchase account.

Election of Officers. The following were elected to carry on the club for the forth coming season: President, Cr. A. J. Deacon; Vice-presidents, Messrs L. G. Caithness, F. Ray, K. Rae, T. J. Brown, R. Tyler, A.J. Fowler, H. Jones, A. J. Granger; Hon. secretary, Mr. B. Newgreen; Hon. treasurer, Mr. K. Parker; Asst. hon. secretary, Mr. G. W. Brown; committee, Messrs L. Burgoyne, G. Hewitt, K. S. Speakman, H. Spencer, J. Ogilvie, V. G. Roberts and L. Parker. Vic. Roberts, the secretary, is a great scout, but on account of pressure of business was unable to carry on the good work, and Mr. B. Newgreen agreed to accept the responsibility.”

Since the end of World War 2 a number of people have made significant contributions to the continuation and success of the Club, none more than Mal Taylor, who was a junior player prior to WW2 and was described as “Officer in charge of everything” up until his retirement from lacrosse in the late 1980’s. Our current Best Clubman annual award is named in honour of Mal Taylor.